Why is there a murrayday.com web site?

The main purpose of this web site is to make it easier for friends and relatives to communicate with me. Not that it was that hard to do before, but this web site is intended to make it even easier. There are frequent links to my email address on this site, and if that is not enough I have a "Contact Murray"  link on the main menu as well.

I often post a blog on this site when I am away from home so that friends and family can keep up-to-date on what is happening with me, but the main reason that I have this site is that I thought having my own personal web site might be kind of fun!

You may be wondering why this is a dot com address rather than a dot ca one. The reason for that is very simple, a .ca site costs about 50% more than a .com site, even after taking the exchange rate into consideration!

Unfortunately there are too many weird and dangerous people out there, so I will not be posting recent photos or information about my family in the public area of this site. It seems that even the most basic information can be used by devious minds! I have created a special password protected area for family members to visit. Please contact me at password@murrayday.com if you are a relative or close friend and would like to get a password.

Thanks for your understanding