What is Murray doing?

I am retired now and doing very little! I always enjoyed doing nothing, so now I am doing it professionally!  I do like to move around a little to get a change of scenery while I do nothing, though and so where I am generally depends on what time of year it is.

Date (approximate)
Usual Location
December 15 to January 2
Christmas holidays
January 2 to March 15
Winter Vacation
March 15 to March 31
Spring Break
Usually at home, but sometimes still in Texas
April 1 to June 1
Spring Retreat
Usually at home
June 1 to August 31 or September
(depending on weather)
Summer Holidays
After summer to November  1
Fall Retreat
Usually at home
November 1 to December 15
Winter Reflection
December 15 to January 2
Christmas Holidays

Please check my Travel/Blog section to see where I am right now.

Regardless of where I am, I try to stay connected, and can usually be contacted at my regular e-mail address: murray@murrayday.com

One of my favourite times is Summer Holidays at the cottage.