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Following is a link to my other site and links to sites for web hosting.: (a site dedicated to the folks in the Day family) Domain registration and hosting (where this site is hosted)

DotEasy is where my other site is hosted.  It costs a little more than FreeHostia, but in some ways it is better.

Following are links that I like and use based solely on my own personal preferences The Day family web site - hey, what can I say, I like it!

Jam TV listings - provides a nice customizable list of the channels in your area

Internet Movie Database look up a brief description of a movie - sometime a little better than what Jam provides. a good place to buy a used laptop computer (or almost anything else under the sun).

Winnipeg Free Press - probably not of much interest to anyone who doesn't live in Winnipeg, but for those of us who do it's the only paper out there.

X-rates - No, it's not X rated, it's just a good place to get the rate of exchange between Canadian and US currency - or between almost any other country's currency.

Alamo Palms This is the park that I stay in when I am down in Texas.  A good place to go for shareware.  They have almost all the windows shareware listed and available on this site, and what's more, they scan all the software to make sure that you aren't downloading a virus when you download the software.  

ZDnet    Another good place to look for shareware.  They have a large selections of software, but like most such sites, much of it has been uploaded by regular users and may contain viruses.  For this reason, I only use the site to look for the software and identify the publisher.  I then find the publisher's own web site to download the software.  If the publisher doesn't have a web site, I don't download the software.  Unfortunately ZD Net only give the publisher's name, so you have to do your own search for the web site.  It takes longer this way, but it's a lot safer.


Rather than talk about commercial software that everyone is familiar with, like Windows or Microsoft Office, I want to talk about some of the lesser known software.  The following list is some of the software that I like, with a links so you can find it yourself.  Most of it is free.  Wherever possible I have provided links directly back to the publisher's web site.  I try to download all my software direct from the publisher to minimize the risk of picking up a virus.


Following are links to productivity software that I like.  Note that many of the links point to the software on  This is a good place to download software because they insure that there are no viruses in it.  The problem is that you have to be careful when you install the program or you will get other programs that you may not want.  In some cases you will get a screen with an option of "Accept" or "Continue".  Accept likely accepts another software package.  If you don't want it, click on Continue instead.  Also, watch for little boxes with a check mark in them.  They often select other software for installation.  If you don't want it, uncheck the little box.  Also, select a "Custom Installation" when installing the software and deselect any boxes you don't want checked there.

Kompozer     If you have any interest in setting up your own web site you will need editing software.  Considering my strong preference for free software, this is the best.

Core ftp lite Once you have used Kompozer to create your web page(s) you will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload them.  Core ftp lite is a program that I am using now.  Note that Kompozer can also upload the pages it creates for you, which can be handy, but you will also need an FTP program to organize the files on your site every once in a while.

Chrome  Google Chrome is an Internet Explorer alternative.  It loads most of the program from the network so it always up-to-date and you don't have to worry about time consuming updates. Opera is yet another Explorer alternative.  It is primarily for mobile cellular devices so it does not take a lot of disk or memory space.  It's good for a Windows PC too if you want a fast browser but don't need a lot of features.  I keep it on my computer for a secondary browser.

WordWeb    Whether you are an author, or just someone like me who seems to end up writing blogs and things, you should get WordWeb on your computer.  Sure, text editing programs like MS Word have built in dictionaries - but they are only for spelling.  WordWeb does not do spelling, but it provides quick and easy access to both a definition dictionary and a thesaurus.  In a trade off between functionality and disk space usage the definitions are very brief, but at least it can check to make sure that you don't just have the correct spelling but the right word as well (ie: should it be "there", "their" or "they're"), and the thesaurus might even have some better alternatives.   Your can hotkey to WordWeb from anywhere on your computer.  I like to read the newspaper on line, and if I encounter a word I'm not sure of, WordWeb is there to explain it to me.  Best of all it is Canadian so you can look up either "colour" or "color" and get the same definition but with the other alternative shown in the thesaurus.  The WordWeb Pro is about $30.00, but their free version fits my needs.

Shrink Pic    Shrink Pic is terrific if you like to exchange photos by e-mail.  Shrink Pic usually stays dormant but aware in your system tray.  As soon as you add a picture to an e-mail it will automatically intercept the picture and compress it for faster e-mailing and will also reduce the size so that it fits better on a regular computer screen - and it does it all without you even noticing.  If you are e-mailing a picture to someone that wants to get it printed you will have to remember to disable Shrink Pic before you send it.  But if you are mostly sending pictures so that people can just see them on their computer screen, then Shrink Pic is for you.

Belarc Advisor  This program can tell you almost anything you might want to know about your computer - and the personal version is free.

Paint.Net  is a graphics program for editing photos or creating graphics.  It can do most of the things that PhotoShop can, but it's free!


The following are some of the freeware and shareware games that I enjoy:

Sokoban++ is a Japanese puzzle game where you have to push a number of objects onto a coresponding number of target locations.  You cannot pull the objects, you must get behind them and push them.  If an object gets pushed against a wall, it can be pushed along the wall but it cannot be pushed away from the wall unless there is an opening somewhere so that you can get behind it.  If you download the game, it comes with the original puzzle layouts, but if you want to branch out into new layouts you can download hundreds of different layouts.  Do a search, or download some here.  You can also dowload a multitude of different skins or appearances for the game.  You can search for skins or download some here.  I like Antique Desk the best, but I modified it a little to make it even more to my liking.  You can download my modified desk skin here

Empire XP    This is very similar to the Risk board game.  The preceding link is for the current version which is ShareWare.  I prefer an earlier version 3.0 which is feeware.  You can download Empire XP 3.0 here.  One interesting aspect of the game is that you cannot add more armies based on your number of territories on the same turn as you launch an attack - it's one or the other!  This presents a strategic challenge of deciding whether to build up for less frequent attacks or to attack often and hope you collect enough cards to increase your armies.

Jardinains is an arcade type game like Breakout, but it will play on any Windows PC and it doesn't need any kind of shell to play it in.  You use your mouse for all controls.  It's a good game, and it's free!

Freecell Plus    Freecell is a solitaire card game.  Windows includes a Freecell game, but Freecell Plus is a much more feature rich Shareware version that allows you to back up an unlimited number of turns and will automatically save a game in progress in case you have to leave and do something useful.  It also includes a few variations to the regular Freecell game.  I personally like the Eight Off version, but I also switch back to the regular version for some variety.  Freecell Plus is actually only one part of their complete solitaire collection of some 700 different games.  You get them all if you pay the $25.00 registration fee.  You may never have time to do anything productive again!

Crib  This is a two player version of Cribbage.  It's not very fancy, but it allows you to play the game and it's free.  You can also get a better free version of Crib with hints, a whole bunch of options and a more challenging opponent at Cribbage 97, but unfortunately its cards are too small for my liking and you can't resize the window.

And here are three oldies that I still like to play once in a while.  They were developed in the old DOS (pre Windows) days, but they will run fine in the earlier version of Windows - up to Windows XP  Unfortunately, they do not run under Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 or later.  They are no longer sold so they have basically been abandoned by the publisher and can now be hard to find, but because I like you I am making them available to download here:

Keen6    This is one of the series of Commander Keen.  The earlier ones in the series were pretty primitive, but by Commander Keen 6 it had developed into a really fun game.  You have a stun gun but there isn't too much shooting, except some of the creatures take several doses.  Mostly you have to explore the imaginary world, picking up extra goodies and bullets and finding the keys to open doors and the switches to control moving platforms.  It's something that you can play for a while, and then save the game to carry on later.  Save it frequently while your playing too so that you can retrieve it when you get killed.  If you get stumped you can still find hints and cheat codes on the internet.  Note:  Use not Keen6.exe, but Keen6.exe must be on your hard drive for it to work.

Keen5    Commander Keen 5 actually came out after Keen 6 and was the last in the series.  It is similar to Keen 5 but perhaps with a better design.  It all takes place aboard an alien space station.  You have to make your way from one end of the station to the other to destroy the reactor.

Keen 4  This is another game in the same series.

If you like old DOS software you have to check out  It is old commercial software for which the copywrite has expired or been cancelled.  They even have a DOS Shell program here so that you can run DOS games on any Windows system, but only in a small window.  The Keen games are not on this site because the copywrite it legally still in force, but I am posting them anyway because the copywrite is no longer being enforced. is similar to but it is maintained by another organization.  Sometimes it has things that doesn't have or vice versa.

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